Monsters and the Land

Evening everyone. The image is the the world map. There are going to be four distinct environments with plans for two different monsters. The Mummy and The Count. With stretch goals this could increase much further. We’d love to incorporate all the great old monsters. A Wolfman perhaps, or even an Invisible Man?

Across these levels and environments we plan to have multiple game modes that allow for co-operation, competition and cunning.

We want to blur the lines between co-operation and competition. Co-operation can be frustrating and tiresome as well as rewarding and fulfilling. The game was built with the frustration that can come from co-operating, firmly in mind. In real life maybe it’s not so fun, but in a game you can lash out violently and without warning! Thereby solving the underlying root causes of the problem. Nothing says ‘you’re forgiven’ like waiting until your friend is about to escape and then sealing them in a tomb with an unkillable monster.

Read more about the game modes on the Crowdfunding page on this site.



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