A New Character Has Appeared!

Visit the Kickstarter here: http://kck.st/2fLVt5F

Today we’re bringing you an incredibly exciting update. We are pleased to announce that we are finally able to show what our new characters are going to look like.

As a team we all agreed that we were big fans of the low poly, hand-painted style, and our first character we have to show you, Yukie Lyptus the Koala is a perfect example of that. Some characters will be animal in origin, others human, but they will all share this art style.



Yukie Lyptus


Yukie was born into a rich family and could have had any future he wanted. As a cub, Yukie dreamt of being an archaeologist, but as he got older, he grew lazy and never got the koala-fications. He finds failure un-bear-able and now, he spends his time, and his fortune, as an amateur treasure hunter, risking life and limb to find an artefact so precious, he will get to appear on the cover of his favourite treasure hunting magazine ‘Dig This’.

Stay tuned for more updates and in the mean time, please visit our Kickstarter campaign and donate if you can!


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