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A New Character Has Appeared!

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Today we’re bringing you an incredibly exciting update. We are pleased to announce that we are finally able to show what our new characters are going to look like.

As a team we all agreed that we were big fans of the low poly, hand-painted style, and our first character we have to show you, Yukie Lyptus the Koala is a perfect example of that. Some characters will be animal in origin, others human, but they will all share this art style.



Yukie Lyptus


Yukie was born into a rich family and could have had any future he wanted. As a cub, Yukie dreamt of being an archaeologist, but as he got older, he grew lazy and never got the koala-fications. He finds failure un-bear-able and now, he spends his time, and his fortune, as an amateur treasure hunter, risking life and limb to find an artefact so precious, he will get to appear on the cover of his favourite treasure hunting magazine ‘Dig This’.

Stay tuned for more updates and in the mean time, please visit our Kickstarter campaign and donate if you can!


We’re Live on Kickstarter!

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We are thankful to the whole community and everyone who has supported us so far to make this dream a reality. Today we are one step closer to making it happen.

Our playable demo is available, and as always, has major updates since the previous version. You can play it here:

We have so much planned for this game and want to make it a fun, accessible experience for everyone. If you can spare it, please support us on Kickstarter. For more information visit us there, or check out our Crowdfunding page.

If there’s anything you would like to discuss, please do so on our Facebook page, or visit our contact page to find out our Twitters.

New Demo Available!

Go here, scroll to the bottom and click download!

Remember, this is a game meant to be played with friends! Currently the game will recognise player 1 as both the keyboard and the first controller it detects. This will be fixed very soon, but for now it means that you need at least 2 controllers to play with a friend.


So please, grab a friend, a family member, a passing stranger, grab some controllers and play a few rounds in our demo level, Pyramid Tomb 1, game mode: Competitive Tomb Raiding. Let us know what you think in the comments below or on the Facebook Page.

The Old & The New

Graphical news! Above is the old vs the new. There’s still a few tweaks to make before the latest build drops, but the above images should give you a general idea of how the game has moved forward since it’s entry in the Ludum Dare 36 72-hour Jam.

There’s been many gameplay tweaks, a lighting overhall, new textures and a slightly different layout. We’re still forging the last of the improvements, so the featured image is not final by any means. So bare with us over the weekend while we continue to refine what we’ve got. Once the bones are in place and we’re completely happy with them, we’ll release it to the public to play while we begin to flesh out the game, work on improving the characters, adding new levels and new game modes. Stay tuned and have a good weekend!


Updates & A Unique Style

The picture for today’s update are the character heads designed by our lead 2D artist, who is on Facebook as Eissi Designs. Check her out!

Over the next few days we will be updating the current build to our ‘Kickstarter Build’. That’s the reason there is no gameplay screenshots on the site. Our graphical style has changed so much since Ludum Dare, that anything we post will be out of date within a few days! There’ll be a further update when that build drops.

This is a good time to talk about the graphical style we’re after. As you shall see in a few days when the build is out, we’ve gone for a low-poly, hand-painted/cel-shaded style, similar to Grow Home. All of us on the team absolutely love the style so we’re doing our best to emulate it in terms of texturing and lighting. One would think that low-poly is automatically easier that high poly. But not necessarily. It’s all about catching the light on the right faces, which can be harder than it sounds… If you’re unsure what low-poly means:



Monsters and the Land

Evening everyone. The image is the the world map. There are going to be four distinct environments with plans for two different monsters. The Mummy and The Count. With stretch goals this could increase much further. We’d love to incorporate all the great old monsters. A Wolfman perhaps, or even an Invisible Man?

Across these levels and environments we plan to have multiple game modes that allow for co-operation, competition and cunning.

We want to blur the lines between co-operation and competition. Co-operation can be frustrating and tiresome as well as rewarding and fulfilling. The game was built with the frustration that can come from co-operating, firmly in mind. In real life maybe it’s not so fun, but in a game you can lash out violently and without warning! Thereby solving the underlying root causes of the problem. Nothing says ‘you’re forgiven’ like waiting until your friend is about to escape and then sealing them in a tomb with an unkillable monster.

Read more about the game modes on the Crowdfunding page on this site.


From Ludum Dare to Kickstarter

Mummys Day Massacre still remains available to play:

The version available on will continue to be updated as new stable builds are finished. This will be the case for the forseeable future, and may extend to after the kickstarter campaign. We want as many people to get their hands on the game, have fun and give us feedback, as possible.

Now onto the main news:

The Kickstarter campaign and other marketing material is being put together by myself, @SweatshopDev, while assets are being worked on by the rest of the team.

We’ve shown off the game to a wide audience and received some great feedback and fantastic ideas, but we can’t wait to show it off to the world at large. We have grand plans for the game, and the more successful the funding campaign is, the better the final product will be. Watch this space!