General Inquiries

Try leaving us a message over on the Facebook Page

If you want to speak to any of the developers individually, for any reason try contacting us on Twitter or Facebook:


@Sweatshop Dev – Harry Jenkins – Project Lead

“I’m a Design for Games graduate from Plymouth University, and I’ve been working freelance as a pixel artist, programmer and editor for several years. Games are my life and passion and I feel that this project is fun, achievable and will be the catalyst towards continued improvement and even greater things in the future.”

@OrdoChronos – Arin Lavery – Lead Programmer

“Programmer with 10 years industry experience and resident misanthrope. Few things give me greater pleasure then writing a few lines of code and watching a game come to life. Please help us make Mummy’s Day Massacre a success.”

Eissi Designs – Chrissie Toolis – Lead Artist

“I have a degree in Animation from Plymouth University, as well as studying Illustration & Graphic Design. Working on games is a dream come true and when I’m not working on them, I’m playing them or watching anime!”


@Mr_H3ad – Colin Head – 3D Modeler
“I graduated from a Games Design course back in 2013 and since then I’ve continued to develop my own skills and taken part in freelance projects for various institutions. I also taught young children digital art skills in Plymouth. Apart from creating visuals for games, I am heavily invested in playing them; Picking apart and analysing how other artists have created these visuals.”

Linkedin – Aidan Lavery – Music

“A sound designer and musician who has been working in films and games since 2012. Recently received a degree in Sound Design from Ravensbourne University, and always welcome any opportunity work on audio for games as well as any opportunity to play them.”


If you are gaming press, please go here to see the presskit. The email for business inquiries is at the top of the first page.

Game Testers

If you want to be a beta tester, that option will soon be available to you via our Kickstarter efforts. If you are already a tester,  the email for all bug reports/suggestions will be inside the first email you received from us, with the subject: Access to Beta Branch of Mummy’s Day Massacre.

Business Email

If you want to enquire about helping us make the game, or have a business proposal, please contact the Project Lead on this email:

All Other Enquiries

If none of those suit you, get in contact with us with the form below.