The Game

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Mummy’s Day Massacre is a couch co-op/competitive tomb raiding game for all ages. But watch out! Classic monsters stalk the halls!

Currently the game contains one level, four characters and one game mode, Competitive Tomb Raiding. Mummy’s Day Massacre was inspired by Overcooked and Tomb Raider, and is designed to be played with at least 1 friend, otherwise it’s very difficult. So grab a controller and a friend/family member!

We plan to have both competitive and co-operative game modes! If you’re not co-operating with your friends/family, we want you bickering and arguing with eachother! This means multiple game modes across each level and environment to suit how you want to play. Also, traps to lure other players and powerups to give you the edge!

Read all about the future of the game here, or on Kickstarter.




In the finished game, each level will be populated with:

Fiendish Traps

  • Spike Traps
  • Swinging Logs
  • Boulders

Versatile Powerups

  • Speed Boost
  • Distraction Gadget
  • Power Punch

Over the two environments we want variety, not just in terms of environment, which traps and which powerups are available, but also who the monster is, and what their abilities are.

2 Monsters with unique behaviours & abilities

  • The Mummy
  • The Count

Game modes

  • Competitive Tomb Raiding
    Outrun the monster and compete against, trap and outrun fellow players to escape alive with the most treasure. The trick is to be crafty! Alliances are there to be broken!
  • Co-operative Monster Hunt
    Do your best to work together with your friends! Try to stick together and defeat the monster by using traps and powerups. Teamwork and communication is key. In this mode, one of the players will be able to play as the monster!
  • Artefact Chase
    Use the coins you collect for power-ups as you compete to make it out with the treasured artifact. Use everything at your disposal, think strategically and act quickly! In this mode, players can work on opposing teams.

Read all about the future of the game here, or on Kickstarter.